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almost there....

what started out as two seperate small cabins is now like one structure.

about time for a full day of debris capture and removal.

 this ipod stereo with it's rechargeable battery has served us well for a few years now.  has been a great companion for off grid construction music.  most often played for building seems to be The Fall and Elliot Smith.

mr pharmacist, ...

holiday runza party

this is a good idea for a headache.

went for  hike down along the green belt:

we started from my mom's house in lost creek. 

barton creek

barton creek has benefited from all the rain we've had in the past two months.

typical winter in central texas.  a few rainy days, a few cold days and about half the days are sunny and nice.

the boxer was quite hesitant to cross that waterfall.  he slipped a few times but managed to make it over.

we had a gift exchange last night.  before my mom took off to nebraska for the holiday. 

christmas cactus

kat is very proud of her christmas cactus bloom. 

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