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fast food with phoenix

my dad comes through town quite regularly.  he has always done a LOT of business travel.  at one point he must have grown tired of hotel stays and he bought himself a new commuter bus/home away from home (below).


he has his favorite camp site in the area and drags a car along to unhitch upon arrival.  this was one of his business trips and he accompanied another work vehicle...

turbo chef truck

the turbo chef mobile culinary institute

dad served us up some fillet mignon on blue cheese crostini, pumpkin dump cake, pizza...

a charlie trotter recipe, poached cod with roasted heirloom tomato.  the magic of this high tech oven is that it takes meals that might normally take hr+ and cooks them in minutes.  the oven has it's own USB port where you can download and install OS updates and new cookbooks.  so when you select a recipe that is part of their database, the oven sets itself.  sort of like being in the future.  we'll be playing with his turbo chef oven over the christmas holiday

later that evening, kat and I met some friends at Ranch 616 for eats and drinks.  kat enjoyed their gilled frog's legs.  then we all made it over to la zona rosa to see Phoenix.  the show had sold out long ago and scalpers were getting premium prices for tickets ($100 per).  we are tankful for friends who had secured ours the morning they went on sale.  thanks!

I know we hear it all the time, bands exclaiming how austin is their favorite place to play and has the best audiences etc.  "you have NO IDEA how HAPPY we are to be HERE tonight!!  this is our favorite place to play".  sure, maybe some bands had said the same thing to the audience in el paso or midland/odessa the night before.  it was easy to see the sincerity of Phoenix.  they all sported the sort of smiles that make cheeks hurt the next day.  they chose to end their tour here and even posted their feelings about austin on their BLOG.  there was a great deal of mutual admiration going on last night and Phoenix did not disappoint. 

one highlight of the show had phoenix frontman, Thomas Mars, evacuting the stage as he made his way THROUGH the audience.  like a modern french moses parting the waters of the red sea.  he came right towards kat and I as he went all the way to the back of the room.  He trailed a long red mic cable and sang from back there while the band continued to play on stage.  our friend matt can be seen holding up the mic cord in the pic above.  a happy kat next to Thomas Mars (photo below courtesy of matt kuhn, possibly taken by leyla ramos)

additional pics by our friend chad wadsworth can be found on the austinist


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