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an assortment of circles

we directed a new batch of funds to our cottage project.  not sure they are still cabins as they are now one structure and we've started to move towards an attached bathroom.  I had planned for an out-house, kat has requested we attach the bathroom.  I agreed to give a try. 

we also made a trip to ikea and bought a few interior pieces.  will be great to get the interior cleaned up.  will really start to feel like a home then. 

more circular pavers, I love the randomness of their spacing and size.  also completed clearing the circular drive and was able to get the airstream off the property and back here to west lake hills (78746)

kat designed and constructed PVC cages to support plastic sheathing to protect the plants from future freezes.  we had an early freeze this year and lost many tomato fruit.

pvc tomato cage

we knew we had some large melons growing in the back yard.  kat was excited to cut them open and find they are winter melons.  her parents had planted them when they visited.

winter melon soup

she made spicy winter melon soup!


I am the family time keeper.  the guy who is constantly reminding everybody else what time we need to be ready to go, to be in the car, and when to finish up to move on to the next item on the agenda.  it is often a thankless job as nobody likes to rushed, yet the clock continues to move forward.  we had plans to spend new year's eve down town, at the First Night event.  I was unaware that Kat had compiled a mental list of specific events/places/times of the event.  things sort of fell apart as I had assumed we were doing a similar version of first night that we did last year.  that, and we have been sharing an annoying stomach virus also complicated the schedule.  we managed to not make the special stops kat was hoping for.  next year we'll make it downtown mid afternoon, with a clear idea of where/when we are going. 

we made a quick pit stop at the ghost room before the parade.  kat enjoyed some quality time teaching the older two to play pool.

ghost room pool table

ghost room juke box

little V was in awe of the juke box.  other guests seemed to enjoy watching him dance there in front of it.

we missed the first part of the parade...  what we did see was mostly similar to last year's parade.  they passed out seeds instead of candy.  last year it was mostly fresh fruit.

was there an alice in wonderland theme this year?  I saw a few tea pots and cups.

LED hula hoopers

the LED hula-hoop bunch always make for fun pics.

just as the parade ended, the wind kicked up and temps dropped quickly.  we found most stores had already closed and we needed a quick warm up treat.  headed to the comfort of truluck's and lucked into a table in the bar area.  most downtown dining rooms were filled with reservations.

trucluck's for new year's eve 2009/10

little V getting his yogurt.

happy bubbley kat

happy kat and her flight of bubbles.

truluck's crab claws

fancy crab claw presentation and lobster bisque.

we were home and in bed early.  haven't been awake for the new year in some time, amateur night.  people who don't normally drink much tend to think this is the night to get hammered.

new year's day: two older kids and I went on a hike.  wild basin preserve is just a few minutes from our home.  west lake hills is just over those hills.

wild basin water fall

water fall was flowing nicely.

on new year's eve, on the way home, driving up a dark twisty road near our home.  I said "I think I just saw a Louis Vuitton purse fall off that car in front of us".  I turned around at the top of the hill and pulled over.  sure enough, there in the dark was a small clutch.  we got home and I used the online white pages to find the number for the owner.  she called two days later, was so excited her LV purse was safe. 

moet chandon reward

I was happily surprised when she had arrived with a bottle of champagne as a reward! 

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