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as the chairfag instructed...

"Because you're gay for chairs" -chairfag.com

I managed to find some more herman miller eames shell chairs.  they were listed on ebay for local pick-up.  a group of international bidders managed to jack the bids up in the last second of the auction, bidders who held little regard for the seller's request to not deal with shipping, especially out of the USA.  those bids were cancelled and I received a second chance offer. 

I was pleased to meet the sellers and view some of their other mid century modern pieces that had been in the family since purchased new in the 50's.  The six shell chairs I took home had vinyl upholstered covers that had shrunk from time.  I peeled them off and started the arduous task of refinishing the shells.  I found a great tutorial at chairfag.com

eames shell chair restoration

the shells were pretty ugly under those shrunken skins.  glue and mud dauber nests, the glue was the real problem.  the solvent-ish spray can of goof-off was only mildly effective.  I switched to orange citus gell stripper and that easily softened the glue.  take-out variety chop sticks worked great as a scraper.  the pic above is after the glue removal, wet sanding and one coat of the penetrol.  already they look MUCH better. 

temps are dropping fast.  kat loves to dress marvin up.

marvin in his winter coat

kay-so spends most of the winter napping in her favorite chair.

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