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the new tile is here and visitors from napa

I received a new order of tile.  I had many requests for "masculine" or "warm colors"

I'm happy with the selections

see that cusoms delayed my product and charged me for their service.

very cool stainless steel tile!

glass tile (hand was included to show size difference)

this glass tile really makes a bold statement.   

I have some tiles that mix glass with stone (marble).

I sell the tile through a retail location in the design district IF+D 

just because it was friday.  his school had a jump house, petting zoo, pony rides and a train set up in the parking lot.

while we were in the design district, we stopped in DWR 

#1 son was smitten by yasuko, my brother's GF he brought out to audtion for the family.  we gave him/her two thumbs up.

even when on vacation he still had duties as restaurant owner/manager.  in the pic above he is on the phone placing his wine order for his restaurant back in napa. 

tacos al pastor

smoking the good stuff

another opportunity for you to come up with your own caption.  reminds me of a cake decoration.

we're running out of places to put this.

OK, everybody look at the wine.

these are feet.  notice how they all have the same number of toes.

hey!  they have furniture.  now where will jenny the german exchange student do her sunset cartwheels? 

pass the baby.

more looking at wine.

the whole family came out that day.

after leaving the grove wine bar we had one of those austin moments.  we stopped at the new HEB store on the way home.  the cashier noticed that my brother, yasuko and I all had on black shirts.  he inquired, "are you guys on the way to a Cure concert?"  

we had no idea what he was talking about and I was a little confused since I do in fact have eight tickets to see the Cure this June.  he pointed out the black clothes and broke into song "show me, show me, show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream..." 

and he wasn't just sort of singing, he was fully antimated and sang the whole time as he scanned our groceries.   back in baltimore, the cashiers couldn't even muster up a greeting or a "thank you".


mom is all moved into her townhome.  we went on a hike along the trail that runs outside her back door.

we made a round about trip to the airport.

I was excited to have my brother and yasuko here so I could have somebody to drink wine with (she's currently working at mondavi)  turns out they get plenty of wine in napa and they wanted margaritas, chips and salsa.  those are the areas where the rest of the country is clearly lacking.

boarding a plane is easier if you shed the sobriety. 

 last night we attended a gallery opening for our friend; artist Sharon Kyle Kuhn

I was a bit bummed that I forgot my camera.   

art, food, wine, friends and even a great band played at the event!  you know I was happy.

music provided by the mediums  they really were great.


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