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books trickling up from the garage

so here it is.

I made a bookshelf and display device.  three boxes suspended from three poles.

and to continue my fascination of how light penetrates and interplays with the house, we see how the ceiling is illuminated by sun reflected from the koi pond.

we had the brown family from Louisiana over this weekend.  spent sunday morning at hippie church.

then the afternoon was passed at the home of some friends who just moved to westlake hills.  I was able to assist them as their buyer's agent.  the new home has a million dollar view, so the house was free.  you can see that they are bmw folks as well.

the weather was just beautiful.   troy and melissa brown enjoying beverages on the deck over looking wild basin nature preserve.

relaxing while waiting for the sun to set.

even the kitchen has a fantastic view.  three sides of the house are mostly glass as the view is the dominant feature.

jenny the german exchange student demonstrated how they observe the setting of the sun back at home.


troy demonstrated a traditional american dance used on such occasions. 

this move is called the water sprinkler.

after the cultural exchange we resumed kitchen activities and surfed the internet on all the iphones that happen to be laying around over there.   


Those shelves kick ass!!!! Damn, I forgot to ask you about our stairs when you were over....

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