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hsin-hsin's great twig wall of austin and gnome pilgrims

kat's mother is staying with us and was getting bored.  she started to knock down all the dead cedar branches and we were concerned that thinning of the forest would make the area more transparent.  we don't want to see into the neighbor's yard and we certainly don't want them to get a gander at us, our back walls are mostly glass.

so, she created this giant wall near the back of the property line, just before the chain link fence.  this wall is around five ft tall, two ft deep and thirty ft feet in length.

she's been spending hours a day out there pulling, dragging and lots of kicking.  she can do a kung-fu kick almost to the height of her own shoulders.  those branches had to pay. 


(photo courtesy of sarah laborde) 

I took her over to casa laborde for a crawfish boil.  she displayed great skill as she could hula hoop WHILE eating corn on the cob.  I can't even hula hoop and I'm not that great at corn on the cob.

I also attended a nice wedding shower for steve and cecile.  hans dare ga-nome observed from his side of the ravine.

yesterday was a big celebration for the 50th anniversary of Eanes Independent school district.

the new HEB store up the street provided this box with stickers that can be rewarded for prizes.

I informed number one son that when you find a human in a fur suit it is acceptable to sneak behind and tug the tail.  we did just that.  I was scolded by my wife for setting a bad example...?  maybe it's just a cultrual difference.  

westlake high school had some remote control robots.  number one son took to piloting the robot like a duck to water.

he also went down the slide.  principal cathy miller keeping control of the gate (right side).

PILGRIMAGE TO HANS DARE GA-NOME:  I got a call yesterday afternoon "there are people over at the gnome right now!  OH MY GOD, THEY HAVE REMOVED THE SPOT LIGHT!!!"  I got the play by play as we were very anxious to see what was going to happen to Hans Dare Ga-Nome.  they inspected everything very cautiously and eventually put the spot light back exactly where it had been.  then they started to take pictures with him!  below is a 200x zoom pic of these gnome pilgrims taking a pic.


photo courtesy http://melindamccoy.com/ 


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