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green roof revisited, sort of

the guys from shelter design and construction came back and built us a platform/deck/island on what was to be our green roof.  we'd found that it was proving problematic to grow grass on the whole surface and still be able to use it.  so we opted for an island surrounded by green roof.

the colbond green roof material is finally unwrapped.  (we have an extra roll if anybody is interested)

we got this sucker to carry up a bunch of soil media

the thing about cutting your own hair is that you can't quite get the back straight.  it's never been a concern since I can't see it anyhow.  then somebody goes and takes a pic... ehh, I still don't care.  I didn't have to pay anybody for the crappy hair cut.  OK, back to the house stuff.  quit looking at the back of my head.

dirty work

we laid out a variety of ground cover and sedum in the full sun areas.  we'll have to see how it works out.

the local airstream dealer convinced me to let them sell our 1970 safari for us.  I normally take care of this sort of thing myself but time is limited and they get a lot of traffic through there.  often people find that the new airstream they want is $50-80k so a used one doesn't look so bad, and they can finance the sale at the dealer.

it was hard for me to leave it there.  I put a lot of work into it and we had many good times in it.  sure, we have a replacement that is slightly larger for our slightly larger family.  but as I speak today, the replacement is still a POS that will require a hundred+ hours of work to get up to working condition.  all the while we are talking daily about summer trips we would like to take.  

#3 is doing well.  has gained weight and grown 1.5 inches.

my mother in-law is here for a month to keep my wife company, help around the house and hold the baby.

we've been blessed by friends and family who have come together to make sure we have everything we need.  we've had two cribs driven in from hundreds of miles away, gift baskets with clothes, diapers and blankets, packages in the mail from my cousin and the swing featured above.

the bed above was purchased for cheez the cat who was likely eaten up by coyotes.  it's made a nice baby bed.

my mom has purchased a townhouse that is ON the greenbelt.  the pic above is taken from the living room.  there is a trail right on the other side of that oak and a nice swimmin' hole just 100 yards hike down.

the traditional bubbles to rid the space from any evil spirits.

friends brought over a nice bottle of champagne.




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