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thirty seven

I heard our orange gnome friend; Hans dare ga-nome, did no become illuminated last night.

 it was very overcast and his lighting is 100% solar powered.  the sun is shining now so I must go over to observe his status tonight, and we do get thirsty while observing Hans dare ga-nome from the balcony across the ravine.

over here at austinmodhouse we were pleased to get our latest electric bill.  when is the last time you heard somebody say that?  THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS!  it seems our high r value construction along with mild temps and a 6 kw PV system is all working in our favor.  that also involves two computers running an average of 12 hrs daily. 

 UPDATE:  we had plenty of sun and the solar light did come on and brighten up our evening.


You know i bought this floating candle thing., it was solar powered in a dome and floated on a fake lily pad. it was supposed to flick just like a candle and that darn thing didn't work worth a crap. I ended up taking it back.

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