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eeyore's 2008, leslie and my 3 wangs

I finally got the ceiling panels painted in the carport and screen porch.  I'm trying to knock out some of the big projects before late june.


three generations of Wang.  kat walked her mom around our place in wimberley.  this is near a giant oak cluster towards the back.

pass the baby

we had a men's (my father, uncle ralph, #1 son and myself)  trip to cooper's bbq in llano.

you often hear about bringing the outdoors in.  this is more like bringing the indoors out; watching HDTV outside.

we often watch birds while eating breakfast.  the kids were so engaged in a red cardinal out there that they stayed after their bowls were empty and turned their chairs toward the nature show.

went to eeyore's birthday party.  Hsin-hsin and #2 son got to meet leslie

this poodle grabbed their attention longer than eeyore did, poor eeyore.

many fairies, some dark and some not so dark.


many jugglers and kids on unicycles

eeyore's friend tigger using her cell phone.

marijuana man

we enjoyed locally produced live oak hefe weizen  and real ale brewing co. fireman's #4 there was also this odd smell in the air, sort of like somebody was bbq'ing a skunk.  reminded me of my glaucoma medicine.

the drum circle was a force of it's own.  the thumping and clanging could be heard from a great distance.  I liked the fry pan and wrench technique. 

you tube is full of crunchy hippy happiness videos


kids enjoying the creek along pease park 

the things you find when you look down. 


we had a BIG thunderstorm and some hail roll through early this morning.  I saw two humpback whales in the clouds just before they cleared.  this is the view from our master bathroom. 



I wondered what Eeyore's birthday was all about. We'll have to remember to go next year.

Ha! Hey Paul, I've been following your blog for a while. I live in Austin and the guy with wrench is my friend, Pete Franco. He's been super proud of his pan and wrench technique since '99. He claims he started a trend!

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