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March 30, 2007

house wrap

it was funny to see the interior wrapped up like a package waiting for a stamp

the drywall company is to spray a primer on first.  then we'll look at it to see if we can do a sanding and call it a day without any texture.


the roofer came back to look at flashing the roof penetrations

an eight foot tall screen door 

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March 28, 2007

garage in action

we moved the 69 MB over to the garage.  I expect it might be moving to a new home soon.


this guy was trying to climb the sliding glass doors 

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March 27, 2007

sun has returned

we've been getting much rain.  we need the rain.   but, it slows the final connection of the septic


I sorta like the color of the metal primer



shelter is framing up the screen porch.  I am really happy with how this is working out.  just having this framing up is defining this space seems to add sq footage to the whole first floor.


we got measured for the caesar stone island counter top today.  this is the vew from the dining area, across the kitchen island, down the hall to the first floor/guest bath.  I love how the skylight over the shower shines down on all that glass tile. 

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March 25, 2007

schusterHOUSE, now in technicolor!

our glass tile is going up (downstairs/guest bath)

it's great to see some color


kid's bath

my mother is visiting from SF bay area.  today she helped to prime the metal railings.  all the rain had left a film of rust and it was causing me stress.  any vintage car person knows that "rust never sleeps".  I was glad to get this section of railing sanded and primed with a rust inhibitive coating. 

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March 24, 2007

walled in

drywall float and tape is nearly done

there used to be a HVAC vent up there; it was rocked over 

both the interior and exterior fireplaces have a random assortment of niches and nooks 


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March 20, 2007

need one big door

tile installer has started applying the backer board


I was glad to get a flat (not 6 panel) door as requested.  I was very happy to see that they found a very cool window insert for it.  this was a pleasant surprise for me.

the garage is done and we are very happy with it


this dumpster keeps getting in the way of my garage pictures


now I need to find a garage door 


the garage building crew is done and has packed up and left.  in the end they were pleased with what they had built, even though it was clearly new territory for them.  they spent a great deal of time staring up at the house and saying things like, "thats real different, I aint' never seen anything like that, are you gonna LIVE in that?"

 those exchanges made me feel better.  I spend a lot of time looking at the house and asking myself "is it different enough?  maybe I should have pushed for something more ....extreme"



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March 19, 2007

park me

that is a garage I could live in

the part that juts out is my workshop

we have all the master balcony railing up

sunday we started the long side.  cmoore had to go home to attend to other business so this whole railing process will slow down.


the drywall finish crew is already getting it all masked and ready for texture spraying.  yes, I'd rather have glass smooth finish, but the light orange peel is more affordable.  I'm hopefull it truly is a light texture.  I've asked them to keep all the masking in place so I can come behind them with the paint sprayer and get the primer up quick

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March 18, 2007

caging it in

we finished the railing for the master balcony


lunch came to us

HOORAY! for tacos al pastor!!

work for the long, long, railing is going much faster.  cmoore has to run home to shreveport and will return so we can finish it up.

josh came and installed the kitchen island, fitment was perfect

the garage should be complete by monday

the drywall tape and float crew  started friday afternoon and are expected to put in a full day today (sunday)

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March 15, 2007


this is quite a platform


drywall has completely changed the feel of each space, in a good way.  we're ready to start packing up the old house.

birch plywood ceiling is going up in the screen room 


CMoore and I have been busy building frames for the balcony railings 


a man gets real thirsty spending the daylight hours at cuttin' and weldin' up metals

we put him up in the airstream on the side of the house


went to Hula hut to celebrate my 40th 

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March 13, 2007



rock hanging crew is over half way done.  the floor is covered with dust and scrap

cotton insulation


was put into some of the walls for sound insulation

I'm very busy this week since CMoore is staying with us.  we are working on the balcony railings.

went to a birthday party over the weekend.  my mother in-law had a jam session with the band 

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March 09, 2007

a starck view

the starck tub is in place 


sheet rock hanging crew got off to a quick start 


garage crew has arrived and got right to work 


that is some seriously electric blue treated lumber 



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nice holes

nice doors

nice insulation


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March 08, 2007

ramping it up

the new approach to the house, ramp and planter boxes.  the crew has buttered up the voids and gave it all a nice smooth surface.


stairs are fully functional


a request for hand rails has been submitted 

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March 06, 2007

curb appeal

the concrete for the carport, front ramp, planter boxes and all the curbing is complete

cabinet maker josh jones has started to drop off the boxes.  exterior of plyboo will be applied later.

and the stairs go all the way to the 2nd floor.  I LOVE these stairs! 

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March 05, 2007

welds vs nails


the stringer has made it's way up to the 2nd floor



chimney caps are up, very shiny

the prodigal pieces of MDO are back up and scupper trim is on 

curbing and carport area concrete is scheduled for tomorrow

and the stair treads are going up quickly.  


funny conversation for the day:

phil (carpenter): I always feel funny about standing on fresh welds

jim (welder): I feel the same way about walking on wood held together by nails 

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crash the can!

looks like somebody got a bit wild with some heavy machinery


we had family fly in town on saturday and we completely spaced out on the drilling rig appointment.  I really wanted to see this drilling rig.  we now have four holes over 200 ft each to use for our geothermal HVAC



sunday was a trip to the asian food market and then to the kite festival in zilker park

our kite is the boat, the black shark belongs to the Laborde family



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March 02, 2007

light it up sparky!

stringer in the works


we're excited to see this happening


front stoop, ramp and two cast concrete planter boxes are formed


the wall is now retained!  this should help protect neighbors from media room noise and my son's drumming. 


I've mentioned that I can no longer see the house from ruggles but I can see the crew from there. 

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March 01, 2007

curbing the way

the curbs on the retaining wall looks great

the concrete crew shows no sign of slowing down.  we were there till after 6 last eve and they were still waiting on more concrete.  they still had to stay to finish all the hand formed curbs.  must've worked late into the night


when Kat stopped by this morning at 8 am, they were already back on site and hard at work.  here the carport is being formed.

the front entry area has a ramp and two concrete planters being formed up.


mud crew is back. 

THE STAIR GUYS ARRIVED!  these are the treads that will..... Oh just tune in tomorrow to see.  they expect it'll take 3 days to finish.


below is the strangest BWM I ever saw. 


OK, I found this amusing.  somebody has a lambourghini with a "BMW of Austin" Lic plate frame on it. 


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