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need one big door

tile installer has started applying the backer board


I was glad to get a flat (not 6 panel) door as requested.  I was very happy to see that they found a very cool window insert for it.  this was a pleasant surprise for me.

the garage is done and we are very happy with it


this dumpster keeps getting in the way of my garage pictures


now I need to find a garage door 


the garage building crew is done and has packed up and left.  in the end they were pleased with what they had built, even though it was clearly new territory for them.  they spent a great deal of time staring up at the house and saying things like, "thats real different, I aint' never seen anything like that, are you gonna LIVE in that?"

 those exchanges made me feel better.  I spend a lot of time looking at the house and asking myself "is it different enough?  maybe I should have pushed for something more ....extreme"



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