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park me

that is a garage I could live in

the part that juts out is my workshop

we have all the master balcony railing up

sunday we started the long side.  cmoore had to go home to attend to other business so this whole railing process will slow down.


the drywall finish crew is already getting it all masked and ready for texture spraying.  yes, I'd rather have glass smooth finish, but the light orange peel is more affordable.  I'm hopefull it truly is a light texture.  I've asked them to keep all the masking in place so I can come behind them with the paint sprayer and get the primer up quick


I can't tell you the $ difference. it was one of those choices where the smooth was going to cost more and we are all out of cost more cards. the texture is easier as it is sprayed on and hides all the imperfections. smooth requires a great deal more on the floating of joint compound. the smooth will show the slightest imperfection. I've tried to do smooth myself and it was furstrating.

the texture is also better for accoustic reasons. but I'm sure the difference is marginal. we'll soon see how light this texture is.

Hi Paul-

I love what you're doing with the house; it looks like it will be amazing. Like you, I can't get over the textured walls. Can you explain why the texture is less expensive? What's the price difference? Keep up with the great work and good luck on the house!

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