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this is quite a platform


drywall has completely changed the feel of each space, in a good way.  we're ready to start packing up the old house.

birch plywood ceiling is going up in the screen room 


CMoore and I have been busy building frames for the balcony railings 


a man gets real thirsty spending the daylight hours at cuttin' and weldin' up metals

we put him up in the airstream on the side of the house


went to Hula hut to celebrate my 40th 


happy birthday!!!! you don't look a day over 25. and your hair is growing out! and your house is coming along beautifully!!!

okay, enough exclamation points for one comment. for some reason, i haven't been able to log in to typepad forever, but was able to get in tonight. so after many months of religiously reading this blog, i can finally say...


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