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curbing the way

the curbs on the retaining wall looks great

the concrete crew shows no sign of slowing down.  we were there till after 6 last eve and they were still waiting on more concrete.  they still had to stay to finish all the hand formed curbs.  must've worked late into the night


when Kat stopped by this morning at 8 am, they were already back on site and hard at work.  here the carport is being formed.

the front entry area has a ramp and two concrete planters being formed up.


mud crew is back. 

THE STAIR GUYS ARRIVED!  these are the treads that will..... Oh just tune in tomorrow to see.  they expect it'll take 3 days to finish.


below is the strangest BWM I ever saw. 


OK, I found this amusing.  somebody has a lambourghini with a "BMW of Austin" Lic plate frame on it. 


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