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Wall of Sound replaced by Red Italian

My collection of vintage Hi-Fi speakers had become too great to store at the top of the stairs. It just was not a good look. I moved them down to the garage and replaced them with this sexy red Italian. 

vintage hi-fi speaker collection 

red italian chair

menards shirt for runza night nebraska

We improved our Runza skills. I always wear my Menards shirt when I make Runza. 

kreamer the caat high on catnip 

I've been giving Mr Kreamer a bit of catnip for HH. He goes a bit wild. I'm an enabler. 

texas red wine  

Almost 100F out, but we managed to enjoy another night of patio wines.  


Porsche 928 

I've never owned a Porsche 928. It's the sort of thing that keeps one up at night.  

sculpture by paul schuster austin tx artist

I installed some solar LED landscape lighting for the sculpture above. The new iPhone 11pro is crazy good at night photography.  

sculptor paul schuster austin tx 

paul schuster austin tx art sculpture metal 

rudys bbq brisket  

Rudy's brisket for lunch yesterday was a nice treat.  


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