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Rope Swing escape from WiFi

We had reserved camping spaces at Pedernales Falls quite a long time ago (back in December). We were lucky to have the reservations, we had sort of expected to have them cancelled. We made it in and kept to ourselves. We felt fortunate to have an airstream with our own bathroom and shower so we didn't have much to worry about.

twin falls pedernales

It's a hike in to see a glimpse of Twin Falls. It was a bit underwhelming. Our back yard waterfall in VT is about a thousand times greater. But we didn't come all this way to see Twin Falls.  

twin falls pedernales texas 

pedernales falls state park tx 

It was good to see the Pedernales Falls. But this was also not the focus of our weekend away.  

pedernales falls state park texas hill country 

pedernales state park

Soaking in the river, under the cypress trees. THIS is what we were seeking.  


The Pedernales is not as clear as the Blanco. But it still felt nice.  


rope swing pedernales falls state park texas 

Even Kat got into the swing of things.  

rope swing pedernales falls state park tx 


#1 son was unable to join for the Nebraska trip.  He was still taking his AP exams. He has done really well at school this year. We rewarded him with a new gaming laptop. He was prepared to be without WiFi this weekend. He downloaded a video and taught himself JAVA coding during his down time while we camped.

When it was time to break camp and head home, the daughter usually helps. Kat and I pretty much have our individual items we take care of. #1 son asked "What should I be doing?". I was floored. Maybe we have done something right. Pack up the camp time has historically been when the boys sort of disappear. Maybe the fresh air and sunlight was good for him.

love my weber jr grill 

We had forgotten that the Airstream propane hose attachment is broken. So we found ourselves without a stove to cook food on. This little weber grill did double duty without much hassle or effort. It boiled water for coffee, heated the skillet for eggs, roasted our potatoes... all the while using just a handful of charcoal.

pico de gallo salsa sharp like a roosters beak 

Kat made her traditional camp Pico de Gallo and a bit of Guacamole. We had such a good dinner. We also forgot the sous vide, but I managed to grill the tenderloin on the weber. We were flexible and it all worked out.  

pedernales campground shelter rv site 

hill farmstead sue ipa aged in wine barrels 

The last of the Hill Farmstead from last summer in Vermont. Sue is aged in wine bottles and it's SO good.  

fox at pedernales falls state park rv site #9 

This fox came by to check on us.  


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