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Anger Erruption of 2020

Are you pissed off yet? We've all got so much to be pissed off about.

Have you ever been mistreated by the Police? I have. I still get angry when I recall my incident in Memphis thirty years ago. I've managed to avoid that city ever since. But I also know enough good police to realize you can't judge them all due to a really bad one. Similar thing goes for people. Have you ever been a victim of crime? I have. But I recognize that bad people come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can't judge a whole category based on bad ones. This week has had us upset on what we all saw a bad policeman do, then we had protests that were completely understandable. Then we got angry at the looting and fires, that's bad.

"violence begets violence" -John F. Knott 1918 

"Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love...  -Martin L. King

"Put your sword back in its place," Jesus said to him, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword." -Matthew 26:52 

I think people are just fed up with everything. I have a new lawnmower. I fueled it up and I mowed, and I mowed, and then I mowed some more.

This Virus situation has caused so much anxiety, undertainty and hopelessness. But you didn't come here to rehash the past ugly week did you? If you still come, it must be for fun pics and anecdotes on my various failures.  

eureka stair vacuum is dead again 

#2 son has a weekly chore, for which he earns $5. His duty is to vacuum the stairs. His vacuum is broken, AGAIN! I checked our Amazon order history. We have purchased six stair vacuums in six years, five Eureka and one Dirt Devil. I'm not happy about this situation. We are trying a new vac from Bissell that does not have a beater brush, but is made especially for hair. It's the hair that has killed the beater in each of the previous six vacs. Hopefully I won't have to bore you again with a vacuum failure story.  

Big Poppa the Opossum 

It's warming up here in Texas. Spring has faded and summer temps are here. Each summer, the Mastermind (local racoon boss) decides it's time to come into the house and l̶o̶o̶t̶ steal cat food. This past week I saw the Mastermind stroll by the kitchen window, in broad daylight! I usually await for the Mastermind to make his first move before I get to trapping. This year, I will NOT sit idle awaiting his home invasion. He's already made his intentions clear to me. So far I've managed to trap two Opossum. The first was small and young. Even Kat admitted it was cute. Last night I captured Big Poppa, not as cute and doesn't smell so great. I quickly release the opossum with a warning. They're not who I'm after. Opossum don't leave in a rush. They always just sit there for an hour or more before they will walk out of the trap.

Kreamer noticed the trapped opossum 

Mr. Kreamer is not sure what to make of Big Poppa.  

I still have the game cam. The fox and coyote pics are my favorite.

w est lake hills tx back yard fox  

mr fox of westlake austin texas 

coyote or fox west lake hills tx 

The one above might be the coyote. 

restaurants in texas are reopening 

Kat and I were out to run a few errands. Hunger came on fast, so we stopped at the first open restaurant we could find (most are still closed). It was odd, eating out. I ate WAY too much. Portions are too much for me. Pinthouse will open this week. But we will likely stay low for another week. ABGB has also been open. I might be into going there next week if we can fit it in.  

As spring ends, people start to leave.

wine room happy hour westlake 

The three of us got together for one last wine happy hour before we all start going in different directions. I really enjoyed the wines we had from Walt Winery.  


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