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A deck to build in Nebraska

My Mom requested some help setting up her new home. I made the trip from Texas, my Brother made the trip from NC. We spent the week hanging pictures, adjusting the water heater, mounting the TV, assembling and moving furniture. We also built a deck in her back yard, I mostly assisted. It was a busy week.

sunset on yankee hill road water tank lincoln nebraska 

deck crew 

big deck in the rain 



He still has online class for school. From 10-2 he was in Zoom meetings while we worked on house projects. At 2PM we usually tried to get out.  

beaver crossing nebraska 

We visited a few of the family farms. 

old cadillac in the field 


mole' enchiladas 

I'd hauled some of that Mole' sauce I made for enchilada night. My brother in law LOVED the enchiladas. It's become a tradition that I make them while I'm in town.  


The neighborhood is brand new. A mountain of dirt was a fun obstacle to conquer.  

nebraska capitol building  

Nebraska Capitol building. We ran into the Governor while we were there.

My brother noticed a Martini bar, and observed people coming from the door. We were all skeptical that it was really open. So we went to investigate Cliff's Martini Bar. 

cliffs martini bar lincoln nebraska  

We bought a couple of premade food items (we ate them quickly) and that enabled us to order cocktails. It was a strange experience after everything being closed for so long. The drinks were good and my brother was enthused at the reasonable prices. The staff did wear masks and gloves. We had a whole area to ourselves.

cliffs martini bar lincoln nebraska 2020 may 


nebraska cousins 

A few cousins also stopped by to say hello and see Mom's new house. We probably could've done better at "Social Distancing". But humans are social animals, especially when it comes to family.  


frozen runzas 

I bought Runzas to haul home. I stopped to drop some at my Dad's new house on our return to Austin. 

wood fired pizza  

They had a cheese board waiting for us that would've served a wedding reception. We enjoyed wood fired pizzas at my Dad's house.  It was a most welcome after eleven hours of driving.

the attic explorer 

#2 son said "I've never been in an attic before". So we pulled the ladder and set him up with proper attic exploration gear.  

first time to go in an attic 

He can knock that off the bucket list.


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