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More food at home and my final project for Metal Arts

mother's day apple grill

Mother's Day 2020, Kat requested a grill-out picnic. The weather was perfect and it was good for the kids to get some sunshine on their skin.  

back yard grill

We grilled sausages, onion, zucchini and apple. It was all delicious.  

mother's day grill 

persian limes are better than key for margaritas 

bge smoker 

Kat had requested a "bunghole chicken" last week. It's a smoked chicken that has a beer can (with beer, garlic, onion and herbs) inserted in the cavity before going in the smoker.

bge beer butt bunghole smoked chicken 

I smoked them for almost seven hours at 250F. Five probably would've been enough. The meat was still tender, smoky and slippery 

bge smoked chicken 

homemade mole' 

I'd been wanting to make a big batch of Mole'. I had a lot to do that day, but I managed to get it done. We enjoyed Chicken Mole' Enchiladas. 

chicken mole' enchiladas  

My final project for Metal Arts class (at home learning).  

observer sculpture by paul schuster metal arts 

I had some water pipe sections that were left from the utility crew when they upgraded for more pressure (fire hydrants) around here. The pipes are thick metal, with a rubber coating outside and concrete lining inside. Not easy to work with, but I was glad to have them.  

paul schuster artist sculptor  

A One Week Escape: 

buccee's hand sanitizer 

The Daughter, #2 Son and myself got up early one morning and made a mad dash to visit my Mom who now lives in Nebraska. The drive was 11 hours. We had one stop for fuel in Oklahoma. While people in Austin mostly wear masks to go everywhere, it was not so in OK. We got out of the car and applied our masks for a restroom break, it was like we came from planet Mars. NOBODY at that station was masked, not the many customers, not the employees, not the Policeman. And it was busy there. I even caught somebody taking my picture.... We were happy to get out of there and apply sanitizer. (although I have Buc-ee's sanitizer, that is not where we stopped. I've never been to a Buc-ee's, a friend gave me that sanitizer bottle and it came in handy)

the road to nebraska  

The roads are wide open. 

It was an easy trip. People in Lincoln Nebraska mostly DO seem to be honoring CDC guidelines. But it's still much more relaxed here than it was in Austin. Although I had noticed people were easing up there last week as well. It's cold here. The forecast changed from the time I packed clothes, and the time I arrived. I had to go to Target to buy long sleeved shirts. Mostly we do the same, sit around and wait for/prep the next meal.  


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