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Cerwin Vega sings again

Kat and I attended the final day of an estate sale last week. 

The large house was well concealed down an unmarked gravel road. It had been the home of a mad scientist type electrical engineer amateur radio operator. Each room was filled with switches, wires and piles of old radios. Also, no central heat or air. Wood burning stoves were the source of heat.  

phoenix house austin  


Switches and meters on all the walls... 


The last day of an estate sale is bargain day. They will often apply extreme discounts to get rid of stuff.

I found some vintage quack medicine and dentistry tools. I also rescued these old Cerwin Vega speakers.  

cerwin vega resotration  

My father's day project was to replace the red rubber foam ring around the woofers.  

cerwin vega refoam red rubber foam ring 

I hooked them up to my tube amp and started the Thorens turntable... they sound great! 

art corner 

For my birthday, the daughter made me a watercolor painting. The rooster on the bottom right. It is based on the rooster that lives on the family farm in Beaver Crossing Nebraska. I have several 8x10 frames, and mat board. But I needed a piece of glass cut.


The glass cutting station at our local hardware store has been closed. I found an 8x10 frame at the estate sale. I brought that home to harvest the glass. The rooster painting has been waiting for two months, for an 8x10 glass.

caroline wright artist solongo monkhooroi art 

The sexy Italian chair corner now features artwork by Caroline Wright, Solongo Monkhooroi, Rose Saenz and the Daughter.  

catnip cat weed 

I enjoy an IPA at 6 PM most days. I've started to share my daily Happy Hour with the cats. Mr. Kreamer is especially enthusiastic about catnip.  

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