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Quarantine and the unknown

We had considered replacing the X5 once the warranty was up. In the end, we decided to put it off, partly due to all the uncertainty about everything. We knew it would be costly to maintain, but we own the vehicle and that straight six diesel engine is known for longevity. The kids and I set off on a mad dash to Vermont in the X5.

We left a week earlier than normal, knowing we would be expected to quarantine. We packed a giant cooler of food, for the road trip, and quarantine. It's not a great time to be travelling. We knew that much. But we had the plan worked out to get to VT without dealing without human contact.

bmw 35d engine malfunction

But that all came to an abrupt halt in rural central Virginia. We have AAA+ (100 mile towing), they towed the X5 to BMW of Charlottesville.  

public oyster charlottesville va  

If you have to be stuck somewhere, Charlottesville is a lovely place.

bmw of charlottesville va 

I secured a rental and we left town with all we could fit in it.  

popo chinese grandma 

We detoured to Popo's house (Kat's Mom). She was more than a little surprised and SO happy. She had no idea we were coming. I had to knock on the door and hope she would answer.

h-mart gaithersburg  


Gongon (Chinese Grandpa) has been in rehab for a couple months. The facility does not allow visitors inside due to covid19. But... we found that if you walk down a path to the side of the facility, we could wave to him through a window. He was also surprised and excited to see us, even though separated by glass. He's ready to go home. It was a great adventure.

We had spread good cheer to the grandparents, but the news from the BMW shop was not inspiring us to hang around any longer. The timing chain broke, pistons hit valves. Timing chains almost never break. But it did, so we made the final leg of our pilgrimage in the rental.

road trip cheeteo sandwich  

The rental had less room than the X5 and luggage rack. We had to pack things tightly. We soon realized we could not access our cooler, and all the road trip sandwich fillings we had brought along. We could've pulled over, unpacked everything just to access the sliced chicken and cheese etc. But we had a long day ahead of us already. We decided to make our lunch with what we could reach. I enjoyed a Whole Foods Queso and Cheeto sandwich.  

vermont near rutland  

Green Mountain State!

vt rt 15 

vermont rt 15

Vermont quarantine living room 

It's not a bad place to quarantine.  

facetime with the wife and equilibreum ipa  

Kat is still in Austin and we have a lot of puzzles to solve. But I have quarantine time to sit around and think, and think, and mull the past four months over a hundred times or more. What more could go wrong?  

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