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Things that go bump in the night.

I was looking out the window, into the back yard, as I'm doing a lot more often lately. I see what appears to be a German Shepherd, maybe a year old and 45lbs or so... But I know it's not a dog. It must be a coyote.

I figured this must be a good time to get a game cam, and survey the nocturnal traffic.

coyote west lake hills tx 78746 

I find that most of the subjects are in a hurry to get somewhere. I had to composite two pics to get the full view of the coyote.

The deer and armadillo were the only subjects that stopped and sniffed around. Birds, I also got so many pictures of birds... 

fox 78746 west lake hills 



the mastermind of west lake hills austin 78746 

The MASTERMIND! He showed up a couple times, but always on the move. I know he's up to something.

deer westlake austin 

So many pics of deer, 

opossum west lake hills 78746 

Opossum (above), and skunk (below), 

skunk austin 78746 


birds galore, 


coyote of westlake 78746 austin 

Last night was good to sit in the lower back yard and think. That's just what I was doing... sitting still, and quiet... just thinking. Then I saw the coyote, just about fifteen feet from me. He didn't notice me. His attention was toward the house, hoping nobody from in there would see him. I tried to get a pic with my phone. He paused ever so slightly, and disappeared into the dark. Just this morning, I was enjoying my coffee, about 7AM in kitchen. I looked out the window to see coyote just standing there. He looked at me, looking at him, then he turned and dipped back onto the brush. Let's see what we can get this week.  


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