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She packed up and left....

 Austin has seen a great deal of change in the last decade. As the area has thrived, traffic and property values have increased. Texas has no income tax, so property tax rates are higher than most other states. This often results in property tax increases outpacing income. Many long time residents are forced to sell (cash-out) and move someplace more affordable.

goodbye nana/Mom 

My Mom finally made the difficult decision to sell, and move back to Nebraska. Her home was on the market for just a few days before she had multiple offers. She's now packed up and left. It all happened pretty quickly, and during a difficult time for saying goodbye.

vintage teardop trailer travel 

She's currently in Oklahoma, heading into Kansas with her teardrop trailer packed with furniture and the cat enjoying "calming treats" as copilot. They should reach Nebraska around 5PM.

subaru teardrop trailer camper small tiny home 


saying goodbye to oreo the cat 

All these changes have not been easy for #2 son. With the sudden closure of school and my Mom leaving, it's a lot to absorb. She's lived here for as long as he can remember. He usually spends Friday night at her house. She makes him blueberry pancakes before their bike ride each Saturday morning. They often catch a movie in the afternoon. He made one last stop by her house to say goodbye to her cat, Oreo.

That reminds me, the internet loves cat pics, not sad goodbye stories during a pandemic. 

fat cat tuxedo light sensetive sleeping in the day 

Kay-so is light sensitive, like me. She still sleeps during the day by shielding her eyes with a paw. 

fresh food day for the cats 

Cat food gets stale. They know when we bring a fresh bag in the house. We have to put it up high, or they will scratch through the bag to get at the fresh food. The day finally came to open the new bag. I always allow her some time to eat fresh food straight from the big food bin. She gets so excited. 

letter from vermont penpal 

A letter from Vermont! This was a bright spot in the week.  


His friend next door in Vermont sent a hand written letter, complete with a  custom envelope. We are still unsure of how and when we will actually get there. Vermont officially opens for tourists on June 15th.  

asian crawfish  

Asian style crawfish was good. We have tried to have a carryout food night at least once a week to help the local restaurant economy. Three times it has resulted in frustration and hassle. Each time, the order has had some problems. It seems everything is a struggle. 


While we lost my Mom, we gained her refrigerator. The new owners didn't want it. I cleared a space in the garage (not an easy task). We now have a dedicated beer fridge! A trip to the craft beer store (east 1st grocery on Cesar Chavez) and it's looking good. Our local HEB also restocked, and the beer fairy left me something at the front door last night. Look at all those choices! 

stocked up beer fridge 

paul schuster sculpture 

For my metal arts class, I created a mount for a sculpture I made last year. The ground here is solid limestone once you get an inch past the poor quality soil. I used my hammer drill and a long masonry bit to get it installed.  

culture clash sculpture married with children 

moose the daschund has a double ipa

Moose and his driver did come visit in the back yard on a pleasant weather day. He loves that hazy IPA.

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