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Not much going on... How 'Bout You?

Not a lot was caught on the game cam this past week. We did have a BIG rain recently. I suspect that as ground water dries up, more wildlife will come get their drink on here from the koi pond.

coyote watches humans 78746 austin

I did get video of the coyote. Once again, his attention is directed towards the house. He's watching us, while I'm trying to watch him (or her). 

Coyote video link https://youtu.be/cmwAURsdFJc

risky lifestyle feline 78746 coyote food 

This cat leads a risky lifestyle. It's not one of ours.

WAIT! I just found video on the game cam of what I thought was a regular housecat, but it's obviously more wildlife ...


deer portraiture say cheese 78746 westlake 

This doe cooperated and gave us her best side.  

resident instrument tech  

#2 son still has orchestra class, via ipad. His A string was broken and Amazon said it would be weeks until they could get us a replacement. I emailed his teacher at HCMS and she scavenged an A from a school instrument and sent it USPS. The daughter has become the house instrument tech.  


His birthday gift FINALLY arrived, more than a month after his birthday. He's ready to start bass guitar lessons later this week, via ipad facetime. His sister help set up and tune the new guitar.

virtual reality pladate during pandemic 

He spends most of his time in his virtual rec room, with friends.  

virtual happy hour facetime pandemic 

I enjoyed a few virtual happy hour with friends on both facetime and Zoom.  

zoom virtual happy hour during pandemic


Food... Yes, we are still eating well. Standout dinners from this week included Paella and Duck Confit with Orange Sauce (below).

duck confit with orange sauce 

metal art class remote learning 

I'm still working on my Metal Arts Class from home. I used an old anvil that had belonged to my grandfather. 

metal yard art 78746 westlake  

This Machine Eats Viruses (a sculpture by Paul Schuster) 

outdoor sculpture westlake austin 78746 

This Machine Eats Virus a sculpture by Paul Schuster austin west lake hills 78746 

Then I set it free.

Paul Schuster Austin Texas West Lake Hills 

Many people are complaining about no access to barber or hair salon. I cut my own hair, as I have done for decades. I can live with it and the price is good.  

porsche 944 is good to look at 

The sun is setting later and temps will be near 100 today.  

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