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Mostly not so great...

My computer is still out of commission. That hampers my photoshop editing tool. I did get my Sony full frame camera back, they refurbished it for a hefty fee. I promptly listed it on ebay. The final amount was not much more than the cost of refurbishment....  I was expecting more. But the buyer never paid, so I can't be too unhappy about that. It's been a week, I guess I'll cancel the transaction and rethink my life.

sodom city guide sculpture acc design 2 

My 3D Design class project was accepted to a school juried art show/competition. We all went for the opening reception.

austin community college art program 

highland acc sculpture classroom  

#2 son was excited to see my desk in the Sculpture department. He used his ipad camera to see over the diffused glass.

2019 bmw x5 540i 

Our beloved X5 535D is ill. We've gone so many great distances in that vehicle (several summer trips to Vermont, Maine, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island). They gave us a really nice 2019 X5 loaner. We really liked this X5 540i. It's notably quicker, more comfortable and so many fun features.

bmw x5 540i 2019 back seat 

The car has it's own wifi hotspot. The kids were impressed.  

bmw engagement ring  

We found this lovely rock of an engagement ring in our loanerX5. This was no great windfall as I promptly contacted my service advisor to return it. I was told the lady that misplaced it had been in tears.  I received with many great thanks from the service department, along with a hefty estimate to repair our car.

new braunfels wurstfest park 

#2 son and I accepted a last minute invitation to visit wurstfest. The weather was perfect. He enjoyed many rides with a friend while the Dads enjoyed the Paulaner Fest beers and several fun polka bands.  

not a good fourteen dollar pretzel wurstfest 

wurstfest 2019 

I think that wraps up lederhosen season for this year.  

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