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Halloween 2019, more spooky meat zombie hands

jackolantern halloween pumpkin  

#2 son likes to take on many DIY projects, Often more than time reasonably allows. He managed to do it all, carve his own pumpkin, design and construct his own costume, and he even made caramel dipped apples.  

paper bag man halloween costume 

halloween spooky meatloaf hand zombie  

Kat made her spooky zombie meatloaf hands, one beef and the other pork. We dressed up as The Contrast.

high contrast halloween costumes 

BGE smoker

This is great weather for barbecue (smoked meat). I brined a chicken overnight, and smoked it (between 250-300) for four hours. It was upright with lime gose mixed with electric jellyfish ipa inside. It was good! 

bge smoked chicken

Central District Brewing Austin ipa gold on the ceiling craft beer 

New local favorite beer is Gold on the Ceiling by Central District.

After years of wanting and yearning... I finally got my hands on a can of Juice Machine, It was all I had hoped for.  

Treehouse Juice Machine 2019 

Mostly we have all been busy with school, work and chores. It seems like I'm rushing each day from place to place. Soon enough, the holidays will have arrived and past. I see Kat's Persimmon crop is nearly ready for harvest. That surely means something.

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