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The Lazarus Effect

lazarus garden

I call this Kat's Lazarus garden. She takes the end bits of green onion and places them in a shallow bowl of water. They soon regrow to be planted in the garden. She also has some radish and leek reviving. Some farmer grows them, we buy them from the store. We eat most of them, and REgrow them to have a second life in our garden. The Sony full frame camera is back in action. We've found a solution to the DPF issue on our BMW XD diesel, AND my computer is fixed! It was the power source. Cheap and relatively simple repair thanks to my Computer Tech wife. That is a lot of renewal and second chances for one week.

lazarus computer 

cheese board deluxe 

First round of the Holiday Season feasting was a success.  

potato leek soup with crispy potato floaters 

Kat made a delicious Potato Leek Soup, I provided crispy potato floaters. I also made a load of braised lam shanks. The people were well fed last night! 

braised lamb shanks


We've enjoyed the cooler weather by getting good use of the fireplace.  

kay-so the cat by the fireplace austin modhouse 

sausage casing light fixture 

My third big project for my 3D design class. I'm not entirely thrilled with it. My professor agreed I could've done better.  

sausage casing art paul schuster 

It was more of a proof of concept. The illuminated portions are wire coated with natural sausage casings. The vegetarian in my class was less than thrilled with my project.  

natural sausage casing art light fixture  

ipa beer blend 

My best discovery this week.... the Tupps TDH IPA #15 was really good, but too dry. The PHP Silky Mittens DIPA was OK, and too sweet. BUT! when the two are combined.... that's world class beer.  

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