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Tying up the loose ends, from the swim holes and waterfalls...

the deck is open elmore store pond vermont NEK summer 2019 

#2 son has started to name off places and activities he noticed had been skipped so far this summer. He specifically mentioned the deck at the Elmore Store and Lost Nation. We knocked both out. 

hardwick house on airbnb

I'm finishing the paint freshen up and I even replaced the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink.  

egyptian masonary technique fulcrum  

I had been struggling to lift a low end on this large stone paver. I mentioned to Kat "I'll have to think like an Egyptian". Then, the solution came to me. Instead of lifting the low end, where there was no access, I need to lift the high end, using a series of wooden wedges. Then I used a lever to get up high enough to insert a stone to act as a fulcrum. Then we dropped the paver and the low side did pop up! Thank you Egyptians and your pyramids of inspiration! We then filled the void with stones and lots of mortar.

The kids don't always want to be forced out of the house, and into nature. But they are usually quite thankful afterwards.  

bolton valley vermont  

wolcott vermont hardwick smim hole  

We've discovered a new swim hole that is just four miles from the house. It's such a relief to have a quick dip in the river after working outdoors.  

wolcott vt swim hole  

wolcott vt swim hole  

wolcott vermont river swim hole  

shirley mae hill farmstead greensboro vermont vt nek craft beer 

We met friends at Hill Farmstead. Mom enjoyed her last Shirley Mae of the year.

west danville vt 

We worked on a path down towards the large section of falls at our place in Danville.  

lvrt johnson vt  

More time was spent on the LVRT.  

black barn farm party 2019 bolton valley  

Black Barn Farm Party 2019 

bolton potholes vt black barn 

jester king at black barn farm party 2019 bolton vt 

I brought a Jester King to share with friends.  

pinthouse emilio triple ipa bolton valley vt  

bolton vt  

lvrt west danville hastings store joe's pond  


We've had a problem with trees this year. Two tall live trees had fallen, and two really tall dead trees were threatening to fall. We hired a tree guy to drop them. He did get them to fall right where we all wanted them (not on the house). The ground shook when that big one landed to earth.  

keiser pond picnic vt NEK pecham danville vt 

Yesterday was 71F and SUNNY, we had a picnic at Keiser Pond, down the road from our place in West Danville.  

bread and puppet theater circus glover vermont nek 

Then we ran to Glover to catch the Bread and Puppet Theater. #1 son was less enthused, "I didn't expect it would be so POLITICAL!".  

big flag bread and puppet vermont glover nek 

and this marks our last full week in the North East Kingdom of Vermont.  


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