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Albert is holding down the fort....

As I prepare to confront the Mastermind back in Austin/West Lake Hills... I have said goodbye to Albert the Groundhog.

albert the groundhog of vermont

Last summer, as we were racing to complete the bathroom renovation, we also found a large gopher hole dug into the side of the hill behind the house. It was decided that I should evict the beast. I thought I was clever, as I disposed of a large stack of shards and discards from all the porcelain tile scrap into his home.

But Albert clearly outwitted us all, he moved under the back porch. His new den is out of sight, and close enough to the house to benefit from of the heat during winter months.  

groundhog vermont albert 

I had to respect that sort of fortitude. We mostly let him do his own thing. He cooperated and posed for me before we packed up and left Vermont in summer of 2019. 

Fall was already starting to drop the temperature. A slight bit of color was starting to show up in the trees.

We will be returning to Austin to face 100 degree days, and the Mastermind.  

albert groundhog property manager hardwick vermont 

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