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We closed the loop on most of the eastern USA

Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings original

Kat loves chicken wings. When we plotted our course home, she requested a stop in Buffalo to explore the history of Buffalo Chicken wings. The Anchor Bar is credited with the original Buffalo style wing.  

anchor bar buffalo wings  

Wings were good, service was slow. We'd also been told that DUFFS had great wings. So we went there too.  

duff's buffalo chicken wings duffs 

They featured many warnings about how "HOT" their wings are, "our medium is HOT!". But the NY palate for spicy is not the same. The wings were good, but even the extra HOT were not as spicy as Plucker's medium….   

buffalo ny aloft rooftop bar view 

We caught the sunset from the rooftop bar of the hotel.  


Then we made our way to Chicago.

People often ask how my family can spend that much time in the car. We sort of have a system that works for us. The X5 diesel has a third row seat, #1 son gets that to himself. The middle row has a DVD system, #2 son selected a few new DVD for the trip to watch on repeat. The daughter has her iPad Pro and listens to music. Kat has her iPad playing Chinese TV shows (about what I have no clue), she also takes care of snack and food requests (we have a cooler of sandwich supplies).

I just drive and listen to my music. We aim to do around 500 miles each travel day, about eight hours. We typically stop once, for fuel, food and bathrooms. We aim to complete that stop in ten minutes.

mirrored kidney bean chicago cloud gate 

under cloudgate chicago mirror bean 


chicago art institute museum  

monet haystack chicago art museum 

We saw oodles of Monet, Manet (special exhibit), Bonnard, Chagall. Miro, Van Gogh, Picaso, Dali and Dubuffet too. It was $150 to get in, so we spent a lot of time there. I did get my student discount!

donald judd chicago art museum 

marc chagall stained glass chicago art museum 

chicago fountain married with children flush al bundy  

stepdog goji chicago 

Stepdog came by the hotel. We shared beers and a meal with friends that live in Chicago.  

gojira chicago 

trillium congress street in chicago 

Then we drove to Nebraska.  

rooster cock at the farm in nebraska beaver crossing 

We stopped by the farm. Kat had never been.  

family farm soybeans and corn 2019 

happy mom nebraska 

unhappy son 2 

everybody happy 

nebraska sweet corn shuckers 

True midwestern corn shuckers.  

sheldon art museum UN nebraska philip johnson 

To close out our summer art museum program, the fifth museum stop, the Sheldon in Lincoln, NE.  

david smith sculpture sheldon art museum nebraska 

The building was designed by Philip Johnson.  

philip johnson architect sheldon art museum nebraska 

sheldon art nebraska campus 

The museum is small enough to not be overwhelming for the boys. It's a nice collection and we enjoyed chatting with the Docent that accompanied us.  

sheldon art museum nebrask lincoln  

sheldon art museum lincoln nebraska  

ENOV schuster art 

(OK, the art above is by #2 son. I snuck that in there because it's quite fun). 

Then we drove to Dallas. 

dallas aloft downtown 

It was 103 out when we arrived at our hotel. The pool felt great! 

celestial beerworks dallas best beer 

Karen came to meet us for a pint at picnic at Celestial.  

celestial beerworks dallas neipa  

And then we drove home. A good bit of the landscaping I installed a couple months ago is dead.  



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