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Please send hardiboard, and a trip to the Museum of Everyday Life

vermont clapboard replacement

Winter in Vermont is hard on things (and people). Each summer includes maintenance and repair. I usually find a few clapboards that have become rotted from prolonged exposure to moisture, where the snow piles up. The clapboards are not costly. It's more of a hassle and time expense. The trick is getting the old board out, without destroying a bunch of good ones. A sawz-all helps, but for now I just go slow and carefully remove all the nails, one at a time.

vermont clapboard nek siding 

A neighbor said "That's what we call job security up here". I've heard people up here are starting to use hardiboard (cement panel siding). I think I'd like to replace the bottom few feet of on each wall with hardi, eventually.

The mortar around the stacked granite front porch has mostly failed. A few of the granite blocks were falling out. I'm trying to point up the blocks, a little bit each day.  

vermont staked granite porch stoop deck  

fresh clear coat from vermont natural coatings soy  

She's applying fresh natural polyeurethane, made right here in Hardwick.  

mackville pond hardwick vermont 

#2 son attended a Stargazing party hosted at Mackille Pond by the library. We didn't know about this local pond before this week. #2 son didn't really talk to the other kids, "I'm not social". But he did enjoy the evening with S'mores and swings.


lvrt johnson vermont nek vt 

#1 son, Daughter, and I rode over twelve miles on the LVRT, From Hyde Park to Cambridge. We try to ride a new section each year.

lvrt hyde park vermont cambridge rail trail bike 

lvrt bike trail vermont johnson vt nek summer 

lvrt rail trail bike path vermont nek vt 

museum of evveryday live glover vt toothbrush barn 

The Museum of Everyday Life in Glover VT is just as it sounds. The current exhibit features scissors, along with a few toothbrush and pencil installations.  

the museum of everyday life vermont nek glover vt barn 

hair toothbrush museum of every day life glover vt 

scissors at the museum f everyday life glover vermont nek vt 

don't run with scissors nek vt museum 

scissor exhibit museum of everyday life nek vt 

rock paper scissors vermont museum glover vt nek 

clark's pond nek vt glover vermont clarks  

Clark's Pond, Glover, VT 

bread and puppet theater rain glover vermont circus nek 

We attempted a stop at the Bread and Puppet museum, but we found a circus about to begin. I asked "what happens when it rains? and what about lightning?" I had several confirmations of "in thirty years, that's NEVER happened". Then the sky opened up.... and it started to DUMP rain on us. Then there was the crack of lightning and rumble of thunder and the rain came harder, and harder... we (along with most everybody else) made a mad dash out of there.  

$5.77 per lb live lobsters 

Lobster! on sale for $5.77 a lb! 

hill farmstead greensboro vermont ipa nek  

Around this time each summer, I start to get IPA burnout. But then I remind myself I don't have this option once I return to Austin. I force myself up to Hill Farmstead at least once a week. I'm always glad I did.

hardwick cafe highland center for the arts creme brule' nek 

$4 crème brulee at the Highland Center for the Arts Hardwick Café. She was happy to have it all to herself.  

foam brewers burlington vermont cheese and charcuterie board 

He LOVES a good cheese and charcuterie board. The offering from Foam is a good one too. Mom requested a stop there, she also loves their summer Gose.  

foam brewers gose burlington vt vermont  

new england craft beer connection  

We also made a quick stop at Four Quarters to meet up with some beer friends.

captain kirk uss enterprise  

We continue to enjoy watching Star Trek a few nights per week. Season three provides well written plots that deviate from the campy alien and sexy green woman story lines. Themes often include pacifism and tolerance. Spock has many memorable quotes, Including...

Spock : We must acknowledge once and for all that the purpose of diplomacy is to prolong a crisis. 

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