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Westlake to NEK VT Waterfall tour

vermont daylillies

It was arrival day for guests from Texas. It was also day one of the great New England heatwave of 2019. Daytime highs in the low 90's may not seem that bad coming from Texas, but when the evening temperatures don't dip below 70's...  The house heats up without a central A/C system to cool the house down. I did give in and buy the last window A/C unit in the area. People at the store were waiting for me to complete the purchase... hopeful I would somehow change my mind (I had purchased the last unit online minutes before they tried to buy it). Our day lilies also made a nice show of color to announce the summer heat.

eanes westlake friends  

These two have been friends for several years now, He was happy to be able to share our New England home with her. We did a quick stop at our backyard waterfall near Joe's Pond. None of them dared enter our spooky house there... I urged them to claim a souvenir from the house, "maybe an old clock radio? You can have anything you want from that whole house". My offer was declined.

cadys falls   

We beat the afternoon heat at our favorite local swim hole.

morrisville falls swimhole vermont  

"we're almost there.... trust me, keep climbing." 


So worth it!


swim hole nek vermont vt waterfall 

They swam, and explored, they didn't want to leave.


hill farmstead greensboro vermont best brewery in the world vt

The adults also managed to visit Hill Farmstead. It's also a good way to beat the heat... 

schilling brewery littleton new hampshire best beer in NH 

Every Summer, my Mom expands her beer appreciation. We had a lunch at Schilling in New Hampshire as our friends made their way back to Boston to catch a flight home to Austin.  

hardwick vermont artist rochester house vt nek 

Now that our work load is mostly complete. The Daughter has settled into her resident artist role. This house has a long history of artistic residency.

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