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Vermont waterfalls and creepy old houses


time capsule home danville vt

It's not uncommon for a person to spend winter in Florida. But if that person never makes it back... what happens to their home, and everything in it? Maybe somebody like us could purchase it, because there is a waterfall in the back yard. So here we are.... the home is JUST as it was left in 2012, The beds are made and the laundry is all folded, ready for the owner to return.  




Kat likes to dedicate some time each summer to sorting, packing up, and hauling away the contents of the home. We now have a lot of Tupperware... She cleaned up a bit, then we hiked our waterfall. 

joe's brook west danville vermont joes pond

joe's pond brook waterfall w danville vt 

trash cleanup at joe's brook pond waterfall danville vt 

She is the enemy of litter. She cleaned up any plastic trash she could find in our falls/brook. Some kid up at Joe's Pond lost his beach ball. She cleaned it up and took it home. The kids took it to the back yard where they had good old fashioned chase/kick the ball type summer fun.  

wildflower bouquet danville vermont 

She collected a bouquet of wildflowers growing right by the house.  


We did a quick/easy hike.  

black barn farm bolton vt 

I took the kids to a friend's house in Bolton. He also has some nice waterfalls on his property.  

bolton pothole vt 



It was nice to see the boys cooperating and away from digital devices.  

bolton vermont blaack barn farm 

Simple Summer fun. 

bolton vermont black barn farm waterfall 



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