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VT chores balanced with leisure

We got straight to work upon arriving to the VT house.


I removed some old appliances.

drywall repair 

I have a drywall repair to deal with.

gary fisher lamoile trail hardwick vt 

I took Gary Fisher for a ride to the hardware store (several times). This is directly across the street.  

joe's brook danville vt west 

We stopped to view our waterfall property on Joe's Brook.  

joe's pond lake house flag hoist 4th of july west danville vt 

Flag hoist and fireworks over Joe's Pond.  

joe's pond 4th 3rd of july fireworks  

hill farmstead july 2019 

I like to run up the hill to Hill Farmstead to walk in right before closing time. No crowds! We arrived at 4:55 and it was nice.  

creamee hardwick vt 


We arrived on her birthday. She spent the majority of the day in the car. She didn't complain.  

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