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Shift change and off with the wall paper

vermont summer project 2019 hardwick NEK wallpaper

My Mom arrived in VT, from Nebraska. We dove straight into the summer work projects.  

The old wallpaper was peeling in spots, and featured a pink tone. It's been a three year process, removing all the pastel (Pink, Yellow and Blue) from the house. This wallpaper was the last bit of the pastel motif.  





I installed a new dishwasher. The old one was super ugly and had finally quit working. We found one at an agreeable price on sale for 4th of July.  

kings around the corner like group solitare 

We have "game night" after dinner, every other evening. We watch Star Trek (Kirk/Spock era) the other nights. My siblings used to play Kings Around the Corner with my Grandma. Now my children spend summer eves playing with their grandma. I'm trying to learn, but I'm not that bright.


We returned to the creepy old house to work on the path down to the brook.  

joe's brook pond west danville vt 

Even #1 son is enjoying the outdoors this summer.  

joes brook pond danville vermont 

The daughter and I hiked to the big waterfall. I climbed up on it. Not as difficult as I had thought it would be. 

joe's brook falls joes pond danville vt 

joe's pond joes brook vermont waterfall 

(BIG)  I grabbed a quick pic with a real (non phone) camera.

keiser pond vermont

I took everybody to Keiser Pond.  We found a woman, her mother and, daughter (three generations) laying in the sun, enjoying cold beverages. They told us about a free concert in St Johnsbury happening the next night, at Dog Mountain.

kingdrom allstars band at red barn brewing danville vt 

Kingdom Allstars (8-12th grade kids) played at the Red Barn Brewing in Danville.  

red barn brewing west danville vermont summer 2019 

hazel rochester hardwick vermont lucinda 

We went to Antiques and Uniques in Craftsbury. I met the lady that grew up in our home here. Her mother was the town artist. She was most amused to meet me, "OH! You're the person responsible for the famouse house paint, with the blue trim. Well, it's certainly a landmark NOW!" 

I never imagined my house paint scheme would be "famous". But I'll take it.  

porsche 912 vermont antiques and uniques 

I don't see many old Porsche in VT. But we chased an early 911 up rt 14 on the way up. I found this 912 for sale on the lawn. It must have suffered at some point. I figured it must be a 1967-69 with body panels, trim and seats from a later model 911. The engine lid didn't sit right...  There was no price posted.

catamount arts dog mountain music series  

We attended the season opener for the Catamount Arts Summer Free Music series at Dog Mountain, thanks to the tip from a local.

catamount arts dog mountain summer free music series  

dog mountain free summer music series vermont 

That's some beautiful backdrop for a stage (Eric Karp played, Subject to Change opened the show). 

harbison cheese jasper hill catamount arts summer music at dog mountain 

The kids surely enjoyed the Harbison Cheese from Jasper Hill.  



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