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Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's the end of the semester and I have a lot to do before my final class. I was thinking I hadn't done much this week, but then I checked my iPhone (where I take most pics lately) and it appears I did have a busy week... here are a few highlights.

monsieur schuster

It was teacher appreciation week. I taught a French class, and the parents treated us to a generous buffet of tacos.  

teacher appreciation week at pluckers 

I went to Plucker's to collect my free appetizer and half priced glass of wine for Teacher Appreciation week. #2 son consumed five Fire In The Hole wings in six minutes. He's training for the twenty five wing challenge.  

25 fire in the hole wing challenge pluckers 

blanton museum austin art 

I joined the daughter's Design class for a field trip to Blanton Museum of Art. 


We had sushi with Jorge at Chinatown. 

jorge sushi chef chinatown austin  westlake  

five acre woods austin barton creek green belt hoa 

The HOA at my Mom's house had their annual get together.  


design 1 acc b johnson instructor 

Now I have to mat these eight small paintings, and make three more new/unique paintings for my final class meeting of my Design class tomorrow....  

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