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Design 1 Conclusion

paul schuster design 1 acc austin


I believe my artwork above is hanging for the West Austin Studio Tour, at ACC. 

design 1 austin community college acc b johnson  

My contribution to the last large class assignment (bottom right in pic above) was roughly based from a photo I took while in Yarmouth Nova Scotia.  


sophia lesjardins paul schuster austin  

On the last meeting of my Design 1 class, we were asked to do three new/unique paintings. This was fun as we could really do whatever we wanted. My classmate Sophia and I managed to get ours complete (hers are the three on the right). 


paul schuster design 1 acc austin  

My contribution above was very roughly influenced by an image the Professor (Brian Johnson) used several times as an example, The Duel After the Masquerade

paul schuster groton state park vermont  

Much of what I do/am, is a direct result of where I've been, and photos taken. This was a fairly straight rendering based on a pic taken in the Groton State Forest (I'm so ready to get back to Vermont for the summer!)  

K. Schuster watercolor design 1 acc

The daughter also did a painting (watercolor) for her Design 1 class that was based on our trip to Nova Scotia.  

sunset hue slice  

To close off all the time I spent studying Hue, Value, Saturation... I saw this as we sat down for dinner after my last class for the semester. The sun was setting, and for just a brief moment, a vivid slice of orange, violet, and yellow cut through the back yard. And then it was gone.  

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