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Barbara's house of chairs and Laura's dueling Alexa devices

Kat and I went to Barbara's for a party. She has an amazing collection of chairs, art, and objects of interest. It's wonderfully curated. There are many interesting things strewn about, but not so much that it feels cluttered. We moved often, trying to sit in ALL of them..  



alexa speaks to fire tv 

Laura came through for less than 48 hours. I ran over to help mount a Fire (amazon) TV. We celebrated with chocolate chip cookies made by #2 son. Then, I got the TV on her wifi and it issued a demo.... The TV was explaining how you can talk to it, as ALEXA. And that's when things got weird.... The TV said "for example, you can say ALEXA, PLAY ME THE HITS". That's when her ALEXA speaker in the same room responded, to the command issued by the TV! The ALEXA speaker replied (to the TV) "I'm not sure I got that. How about this", and started to play music. There I was between an ALEXA TV and an ALEXA speaker, now both playing, and communicating (poorly) with each other. I had to jump in as things were getting out of hand "ALEXA, STOP!" I begged.  

porsche 951 guards red texas

Rain prevented me from taking the 951 for a drive to Driftwood on Saturday. So Kat and I took it to run an errand on Sunday. The thirty year old German A/C system is struggling with the Texas heat and humidity.  

hopdoddy michelada  

Kat and I went to Hopdoddy. The Burger was good, and Kat enjoyed her michelada. My margarita was SO sweet, I was planning to send it back. But we never saw our server again... (everything is prepaid at a counter before being seated at a full service table).  

spring rain in austin equals additional yardwork 

Between finishing up the Design class, and working at a local middle school, I haven't been able to keep up with yardwork. We've had so much rain, the grass (and weeds) have been growing faster than I can get to them. I attempted to mow the whole yard this weekend (I usually do it in four sections on different days). I only hit one stump (mower is only slightly damaged). But the heat and humidity took quite a toll on me. I'm glad to have it looking better. Less rain would be great for a while...  

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