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Dallas Apartment and Art in Fort Worth

statler dallas stay alfred jackson pool

We rented an apartment in Dallas for Memorial Day weekend. We had two bedrooms with king sized beds, a sofa-bed in the living room, a full bath in each bedroom, and one half bath in the living room. We also made good use of the full kitchen and all the amenities. I made a hot breakfast in the room each morning. We got up early and used the gym. We lounged by the pool... It quickly became a home.  

scardello's cheese dallas

Picked up some cheese. The selection difference between Dallas/Austin cheese shops seems to have vanished. It's still fun to stop at Scardello's.  

celestial beerworks dallas neipa  

Our favorite TX brewery, Celestial. We took an expansive picnic of sushi, pizza, cheese, nuts and prosciutto.  

celestial beerworks dallas picnic

celestial beer works new england ipa tripple

sunset on the overpass near celestial beerworks dallas tx


I love this time of day. The scene above was mostly dull gray and brown before the sunset illuminated it. For just a brief moment, it was all pink, orange and violet.  And then it was gone.

There was a second rooftop pool for adults. We enjoyed the views. The weather was just amazing this weekend.

statler dalas

We really enjoyed the Statler. There are so many nicely designed spaces to enjoy.  

the modern art fort worth 

We took the kids to The Modern in Fort Worth. 

the modern fort worth 

the modern fort worth and randome dude (me) 


This was pic number five or six. He only faced me when I asked "How do you intend to pay for lunch? What about getting back to Dallas... did you intend to ride with your family?" 

the modern art museum fort worth 

the modern fort worth art museum

Then we took them to The Kimbell.

the Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth

(I had to get all sneaky to grab that pic above. #2 son doesn't cooperate with my constant picture taking) 

fort worth water gardens logan's run

The Fort Worth Water Gardens can seem serene and seduce your attention. But don't think there isn't a real risk of injury as you go down those elevated concrete pavers. I went about half way down, and turned back. The daughter kept a safe distance from the pit entirely.  


fort worth water gardens

turning point brewery dallas bedford ipa

We took our picnic to Turning Point. I enjoyed TIPA at both brewery we visited. That stuff will eliminate a bad mood quickly.

Kat and I enjoyed dinner at Fine China. We got a 10% discount for staying at the Statler. They gave us a code, that we entered into a payphone in the basement. A secret door popped open and allowed us entry to a Speakeasy.  

not so speakeasy statler dallas tx 

It was a fun space. We escaped shortly after a DJ arrived and played music that did not appeal to our ears. We got up early the next morning and easily made the drive back to Austin in good time.  The boys have just a few more days of school... then summer is really here.


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