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From the teacher's lounge.... to the wine room (the octopus of regret)

2019 is proving to be a real challenge. I've picked up a bit of extra work on days where I can find the time. Usually two days a week.

teacher's lounge

Have you ever wondered what the Teacher's Lounge looks like at a Middle School? They've accepted me as one of their own. I've been subbing a few classes.  

middle school art class comic strip 

I was the substitute Art teacher.  

the octopus of regret- should've been a carpenter 

#1 son has been helping to host Smash Bros tournaments. One of his best friends had a Birthday, and they had a tournament to celebrate.  


del dotto wine 

I went along. The adults sat on the back deck and enjoyed the views...

"What? you have a whole WINE ROOM?! Yes, I'd love to see it!" 

Connie's wine room  

"Oh really.... a valuable and highly rated wine? I guess we could taste some more... if you insist." 

hall cabernet 

97 points! We are working the palate up towards 100 Point night.  

wine glass caps keep gnats out 

They had these wine glass hats to keep gnats out. I thought mine could use a little something extra.  

octopus vs cock 

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