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Big Bugs, mudbugs (crawfish)

twins laguna gloria sculpture garden

It was a wonderful Spring day for a picnic. We met friends at Laguna Gloria to enjoy a spread of cheeses and meats out in the sculpture garden.  

laguna gloria picnic 

Then we made our way to Zilker Brewin for crawfish and ska/punk bands.  

zilker brewing spicy boys crawfish & ska/punk  

The crawfish were a good size and well prepared. The bands brought all the energy to the stage. I especially enjoyed Hans Gruber and the Die Hards (video at the bottom)   


It was a great day for sure.  

Yuliya Lanina  

We attended an opening at the Gray Duck Gallery for Yuliya Lanina - Misread Signs 

The back room contained three screens/projectors to fill the room with an animated feature.

Yuliya Lanina | Misread Signs Gray Duck Gallery Austin


I found a cedar tree that fell down from the neighbors yard, into ours. We also have a situation with trees falling at our home in Vermont. What is the universe trying to say to me?  

ginger beer homemade 

Summer is just around the corner. I've started the first batch of Ginger Beer.  

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