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Greenhouse, sort of... and so much music

greenhouse from sliding glass door panel

Kat's garden has been most successful since relocating and creating a shade structure for it. We were so successful protecting the garden from sun, we are applying an effort against freeze. We had a few old sliding glass door panels. We used those, along with some plastic sheeting and scrap roofing material. It's not pretty, but it just might work.

make shift greenhouse  

west lake hill gate construction  

I cut a section of fencing, to connect the front path, to the rear path. I fabricated a gate, dug out enough earth to plant it. Filled the footer with concrete and welded the gate into the existing fence. It works quite well.  

1972 BMW 2002  

I have the 1972 BMW 2002 (rare 2002S from Belgium with FPS wheels) mostly put back together. I'm not happy how the silver paint finished (I'm not a professional) but we can sort out a few mechanical upgrades, then send it to a real spray booth. I did take it for a quick spin around the neighborhood.

So much music! 

undercover orchestra austin baird blanton

Undercover Orchestra at Blanton Art Studio 

Taylor Muse Quiet Company Souther Heights Brewing Austin  

Quiet Company played a live show at Southern Heights Brewing Co.  

Quiet Company Austin TX Taylor Muse Tommy Blank 

charlie hunter and keita at townsend austin 

Charlie Hunter at the Townsend (Keita Ogawa on percussion) 

Doreen Shaffer First Lady of Ska and Skatalites austin tx 2018 

Skatalites with Doreen Shaffer at Flamingo Cantina  

W Hotel Living Room Happy Hour fireplace austin 

We had a nice HH dinner at W Hotel Living Room before Willie Neslon taping for Austin City Limits (TV show) 

willie nelson austin city limits tv 2018 acl  

waller creek show austin tx 2018 

Waller Creek Show  

waller creek conservancy creek show 2018 

pinot noir tasting lost creek austin tx 

Dinner at a friend's house was a blind tasting of five different Pinot Noir. Four from Oregon and one from CA. We easily picked out the two $50 bottles (the CA $50 bottle was the winner overall). This dispels the myth that there is no difference from a $15 to $50 bottle (at least with this group of Pinots consumers).

We enjoyed duck breast with the Pinot, it was a fun evening.  

sous vide duck 130F three hours 

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