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Foggy Window (Monkish) and Fall projects

fall sun on Austin Modhouse Nov 2018 78746

I love the warm glow of Fall sunsets. Kat's persimmon tree has turned golden and leaves are starting to drop. A few persimmon have survived the year. The time to harvest is near.  

persimon tree fall 2018 west lake hills 78746 austin tx 

For a few years, I tried (unsuccessfully) to trade for beer from Monkish.  

Monkish Foggy Window DIPA Austin TX 78746 

A friend traveled to Los Angeles for the holiday and hauled me back some.  

modern paint scheme austin 78746 westlake  

My Mom and I have started to repaint the garage. The blue was just TOO much. I like the gray with just a small bit of color.  

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