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Fried Turkey and being Thankful 2018

It was a great Thanksgiving, once again.

turkey fry of 2018 

We oriented the turkey correctly this year (ass-up). It is a bit more difficult to load it this way, but I had help. 

daughter and the chees board

The Daughter was in charge of the cheese board, #1 son set the table, and #2 son was in charge of taking the pics.  

fried turkey 78746 austin tx 

The guys mostly tend the burner and have a few beers. When the oil gets to 385F, we kill the flame and carefully drop the bird.  

turkey drop 385 degree peanut oil  

When the oil temp drops to 275, we reignite the flame and regulate it between 275-285F. The math worked out to 52 minutes of fry time for a 12.4 lb turkey.  

fried turkey thanksgiving 2018  

thanksgiving 2018 78746 westlake austin tx west lake hills  

The turchetta, ancho and orange zest pork loin, mushroom bread pudding (dressing) and brussels sprouts… all turned out well.  

amh thanksgiving art 2018 

#2 son participated in the annual Holiday chalkboard art (his cat themed work is on the left above). My board also displays the turkey fry math.  

thanksgiving art austn modhouse 2018  

Kat's art on the left and the Daughter is above right.  

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