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E.A.S.T (east austin studio tour) 2018

shark art east austin studio tour

We took the kids out to visit artist friends on the East Austin Studio Tour. Stunt double for #2 son found some shark art he really liked by Brian Maclaskey.  

bulleit bourbon east austin

EAST sort of reminds me how SX was years back. We found free beer, whiskey, Tito's... the people were out and enjoying the artsty party atmosphere.  

crescent city soul revue austin band  

We caught some live music at Zilker Brewing. Darth Vader sat in with the band.  

zilker brewing austin  

blanco river wimberley texas fall 2018  

Kat and I made a run to our cabin in Wimberley. A layer of dust has settled on things down there as we don't visit frequently.  

river rapids owners wimberley texas  

shady llama beer garden wimberley tx 

We stopped at the Shady Llama beer and wine garden while we were down there. The llamas were somewhat interested.  

shady llama beer garden wimberley r12 


strahan and the good neighbors at ABGB 

Doug Strahan and the Good Neighbors  at ABGB was a good time Sunday after Costco stop.

Did I accomplish anything this week?  

airstream plympic rivet repair replace 

I replaced a bunch of popped rivets in the Airsteam, and patched a small hole in the skin.  


I nearly finished welding up a gate that will connect the front and rear path I've been working on for so long. I think I'll weld in the hinges this morning after I publish this entry.  

camp live oak eanes westlake austin  

The most notable event, #2 son went off to camp. This is sort of a rite of passage for kids finishing their last year in Elementary School. Our kids don't do "sleepover" events with friends. So the trip to Live Oak is really their first time spending the night outside of the house (not with a close family member). Kat was trying to prepare him with so many last minute things, snacks, drinks, ink pens.... He kept trying to refuse "Mom, I don't need that. They feed us, they told us NOT to bring water bottles.... When would I have time to draw?".  It reminded me of trying to leave Popo's house (Kat's Mom). She's often urging us to take food or random items as we're trying to exit. Once Popo tried to give me a surplus Army life raft, "I can't even fit this in my luggage" got me out of the raft. I finally agreed to take a surplus military mess kit as it made her happy for me to take something. And just this morning I whispered to #2 son "just take the pens!, it'll make her happy". We can all rest assured that he will be well prepared at camp should he need to take notes or sketch something.

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