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Ramp House by MJ Neal

We toured the Ramp House yesterday. I'd known about this house before we moved to Austin as it was constructed in 2002. It was fun to be able to enjoy it from the inside.

Ramp House Austin MJ Neal architect 

There is a lot going on with this design. There are many details to catch they eye. We quickly gave in to thoughts of moving in (it's for sale), Kat doesn't often get that excited when I drag her along to tour a home.  

ramp house austin mj neal architect

The central element for the home, the ramp... a long ramp allows access between first and second floors, no stairs.  

ramp house austin 

mj neal architect ramp house austin 

It's a creative use of space on a tiny urban lot (it's a great location in the middle of 78704). 

ramp house by MJ Neal 

"wrap it up! We'll take it".

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