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PILS! PILS! PILS! and crawfish at the ABGB

It'd been a good while since we had been to the ABGB. I know they have been making the news, collecting gold medals, with their Pilsner lager style beers. They have four different Pilsners! While I loved Pilsener in Prague/Praha, most American versions fall short. I am here to report ABGB does deserve all those awards for this beer. Go and get some.

abgb velvet revolution pils pilsner austin beer garden brewing 

abgb crawfish boil 2018 

Kat had been looking for a good place to get some crawfish. The Weather here in Austin has been mostly perfect. But we sat inside to enjoy the band, Crescent Soul Revue.

crescent sould revue of south austin 

crescent sould revue band austin  

beer lace lacing abgb pils austin 

Nice lacing left in the glass.


Did I ever share photos of the roof deck project? I'm trying to find time to use that space more often. We did share a beer sent by friends in Chicago up there. Then a trip to see our favorite sushi chef, Jorge. It was a good day.

(we did work on a landscaping project as well. Work before play.) 


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