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Moon over Westlake and some Hyopthetically Hazy PHP

moon over westlake heb

Skies have been clear and weather mostly near perfect.

path to nowhere 

I spent most of my available moments attending to the yard, pulling weeds, cutting grass, levelling pavers, planting ground cover and grooming the new path.... 

new paver path 

single grain of italian salt 

We had some friends over for a Beer Share. This is where you open several rare or sought after beers to taste. Kat took over the appetizer and applied her attention to detail. She placed a single grain of Italian sea salt on each cube of buffalo mozzarella. That was a great snack.

hypothetically hazy pinthouse austin beer 

Our favorite Texas beer was released this Friday. It seems it's on a two or three month schedule. We stopped by twice this weekend to get our allotment.  

hill farmstead arthur farmhouse style beer vermont austin 

bbco pyramids & crystals dry hopped hazy lager beer 

This was the first BBCO beer I did not enjoy. It had an aftertaste that stuck around too long... I love that BBCO is trying new things, they can't all be winners. This is a dry hopped, hazy lager. I was thankful to taste it.


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