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April 30, 2018

Mustachio'd Guitar Man at Eanes

This marks thirteen years of Evening at Eanes.

evening at eanes elementary guitar  

eanes elementary austin texas west lake hills 78746 

Eeyore's 55th Birthday and Levitation Festival (psych fest)

pinthouse hootenany 2018 beer

I attended three craft beer releases this past week, and two festivals.  

rooftop deck beer westlake hills tx 78746 

spindletap heavy hands beer craft beer texas 

trailer park boys julian costume eeyore's birthday TPB 

Kat and I attended Eeyore's 55th birthday party. I went as Julian from Trailer Park Boys. 

tpb julian 

eeyore's birthday girl austin  

eeyore's birthday austin 2018

We enjoyed drum circles and I had fun watching "mr stiff armed dancer" featured above". He had some great moves.  

wooden shjips austin levitation fest psych 

Kat and I attended a show for Levitation Festival (used to be psych fest), Wooden Shjips. 

April 23, 2018

Moon over Westlake and some Hyopthetically Hazy PHP

moon over westlake heb

Skies have been clear and weather mostly near perfect.

path to nowhere 

I spent most of my available moments attending to the yard, pulling weeds, cutting grass, levelling pavers, planting ground cover and grooming the new path.... 

new paver path 

single grain of italian salt 

We had some friends over for a Beer Share. This is where you open several rare or sought after beers to taste. Kat took over the appetizer and applied her attention to detail. She placed a single grain of Italian sea salt on each cube of buffalo mozzarella. That was a great snack.

hypothetically hazy pinthouse austin beer 

Our favorite Texas beer was released this Friday. It seems it's on a two or three month schedule. We stopped by twice this weekend to get our allotment.  

hill farmstead arthur farmhouse style beer vermont austin 

bbco pyramids & crystals dry hopped hazy lager beer 

This was the first BBCO beer I did not enjoy. It had an aftertaste that stuck around too long... I love that BBCO is trying new things, they can't all be winners. This is a dry hopped, hazy lager. I was thankful to taste it.


April 16, 2018

Ramp House by MJ Neal

We toured the Ramp House yesterday. I'd known about this house before we moved to Austin as it was constructed in 2002. It was fun to be able to enjoy it from the inside.

Ramp House Austin MJ Neal architect 

There is a lot going on with this design. There are many details to catch they eye. We quickly gave in to thoughts of moving in (it's for sale), Kat doesn't often get that excited when I drag her along to tour a home.  

ramp house austin mj neal architect

The central element for the home, the ramp... a long ramp allows access between first and second floors, no stairs.  

ramp house austin 

mj neal architect ramp house austin 

It's a creative use of space on a tiny urban lot (it's a great location in the middle of 78704). 

ramp house by MJ Neal 

"wrap it up! We'll take it".

PILS! PILS! PILS! and crawfish at the ABGB

It'd been a good while since we had been to the ABGB. I know they have been making the news, collecting gold medals, with their Pilsner lager style beers. They have four different Pilsners! While I loved Pilsener in Prague/Praha, most American versions fall short. I am here to report ABGB does deserve all those awards for this beer. Go and get some.

abgb velvet revolution pils pilsner austin beer garden brewing 

abgb crawfish boil 2018 

Kat had been looking for a good place to get some crawfish. The Weather here in Austin has been mostly perfect. But we sat inside to enjoy the band, Crescent Soul Revue.

crescent sould revue of south austin 

crescent sould revue band austin  

beer lace lacing abgb pils austin 

Nice lacing left in the glass.


Did I ever share photos of the roof deck project? I'm trying to find time to use that space more often. We did share a beer sent by friends in Chicago up there. Then a trip to see our favorite sushi chef, Jorge. It was a good day.

(we did work on a landscaping project as well. Work before play.) 


April 09, 2018

Can I Run My Hands Through Your Car Wash Hair?

We were fortunate enough to catch Luna once again. I've been following this band for twenty four years now... I'm not sure how many times I've seen them live. They still sounded good and it was a great set list.

luna austin sean eden dean wareham

luna austin britta phillips lee wall 

luna austin dean wareham and sean eden 

set list luna austin 2018  

Red wine weather returned to Austin. We did the braised lamb shanks with red wine dinner in the screen room. 

braised lamb shanks  


Enjoyed a really nice fire in the screen room.

I was given the grand tour at Suds Monkey Brewing. They have enjoyed a MAJOR upgrade of their brewing equipment.  

suds monkey brewing austin dripping springs beer  

psycho brew suds monkey austin 

April 02, 2018

of Birthdays and Bunnies (and beers)

#2 son enjoyed another birthday meal at Plucker's

pluckers south lamar birthday 

for his youtube 

He got a new action cam to create content for his youtube channel, and lego robotics stuffs.  

lego robotics 


He organized and hosted his own party at home with his friends. I did survive two hours of screaming kids running about. They seemed to have fun.

blanco river wimberley march 2018 

The check engine light came on in our X5 35d. It spent a couple days at the shop. They informed me I had been taking too many short trips (5-20km), and the emission system needs an opportunity to heat up, and cool down. The short version was, the car needed a road trip. They offered a service to manually heat/cool the engine for almost $300, I opted to do it myself. So the kids and I took a road trip on Good Friday. The car is a lot like me, it NEEDS to get out of town every so often.

blanco river rapids hoa water park wimberley fischer  

We drove down to check on our place at the Blanco River. It was a Good Friday indeed. The daughter brought her sketch pad, #1 son found a nice rock to lay upon. #2 son played with his new camera, and I enjoyed something from Civil Society.  

river rapids wimberley blanco park hoa 

civil society beer blanco river blondes make me hoppy 

suds monkey brewing 

I ran into the Easter Bunny at Suds Monkey 

suds monkey glow egg easter 

Suds Monkey hosted an Easter Glow Egg hunt. They had expected a couple hundred people to attend. They had thousands show up for the free event.  It was chaotic, but #2 son did get in on the hunt and he left happy.  

chaos glow egg hunt suds monkey brewing  

austin beer festival stubb's 2018 VIP 

We attended a "beer and music festival" with friends. We had "VIP" tickets. The status allowed entry an hour earlier than regular ticket holders. I don't believe there were any regular ticket holders, there were THOUSANDS of VIP. I'd suggest skipping this event in the future.  

easter fiddlehead austin 

I found Fiddleheads and fresh Morel Mushrooms! I made them for Easter dinner and Kat really enjoyed them.  

fresh morel mushrooms austin  

town lake hike and bike austin ladybird  

Kat and I hit the Hike and Bike trail and made a big loop around Town Lake/ Ladybird Lake. Ten miles was a good ride.  

ten miles around austin hike and bike town lake 

I earned my Electric Jellyfish! 

pinthouse pizza electric jellyfish hazy ipa austin  

This is where you can find me most Sunday afternoons around 5:30 PM. I like a solid routine.  why don't you come have a pint with me? It's not that difficult....